Ian_space.jpgPub Theology is the Podcast of Bishop Ian Anderson and is heard throughout the day on Ancient Word Radio. Bishop Anderson is the Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Anglican Church. You can hear the latest series of Podcasts by Clicking Here.


Examining the news of the world and the issues of the day through a Christo-centric lens. CHI RHO SCOPE can be heard on internet radio stations including Ancient Word Radio, and on your favorite podcast server.

CHI RHO SCOPE is hosted by the Rev. Dr. Randall Graf, the pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Metairie, LA. 

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Besides being a broadcaster, Bob serves as a missionary Bishop in The Reformed Anglican Church.  Bob entered the ministry later in life, but still works in the broadcasting industry. Your Weekend Show is hosted by veteran broadcaster Bob Biermann.  Bob has been in Radio since the early 1970's. This is a program about life, and the challenges we face in our daily lives. Bob shares from his own personal experiences to show how we can overcome the rough spots we may face. The program is heard on a number of radio stations, both over the air, and online.  The show is also heard on International Shortwave. 

You can hear the current show by using the player below.  You can visit the show's website at http://yourweekendshow.com.  You can also visit the show’s Facebook™ page by clicking here.

 “Faith Seeking Understanding”

With Fr. John Greene


Faith Seeking Understanding is a program of Christian teachings on a variety of topics. Fr. John Greene is an Anglican priest in Asheville, NC who has a deep appreciation for the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, a love of the Word of God written but more the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ. Fr. John believes the entire Bible teaches one message and points to Him. As such John focuses much of his teaching on merging the Old and New Testaments to show this very thing and bring new life to both testaments.
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